Sometimes I feel like I don’t really see this kid.  He’s 18 months younger than Tee and follows him around as a perfect shadow.  Yet, there is a drummer near by with a completely different beat.  One that Catcher is completely in tune with.

He catches me off guard with his beat.  But then has moments of insight into others needs that floor me by their intuitive care and sensitivity to where they are.  He’s twisty and corky and quiet, but loud.  He’s joyful and vibrant and tender and plain hard to sum up.

Put Catcher in the bath and look out happy place! He is there. His small heaven on earth. These pictures make my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. His joy. His beat. His delight. It’s a glimpse into a moment so purely Catcher.

These images capture what my heart knows of him.  They are treasures I hold dearly.