It’s fall.  It’s not.  Throw your boots and sweater on.  Take them off, sweat, hot, hurry!

We’ve had some beautiful days lately where I truly appreciate the mild Florida winters.  No slushy, muddy snow, kids that look like snow balls and chapped lips.  It delightful down here.  But there have been a few days when out come the sweaters and boots and I’m all, quick, this is exciting, pictures everyone!


The boys are loving front yard play lately.  They’ll sit on the porch and wait for my go.  I have to be out there while they’re playing, hence Thom is working on the backyard SOON.  But there is something so comforting about the front yard.  Communal maybe?

These are kids who may or may not say hi to their grandparents, but who wave and scream “HI” to every car, pedestrian, runner, biker, cell phone talker, dog walker, dog and garbage truck they see while in the front yard.  Furthermore, they now run out of the house instead of to the bathroom to pee.  Our front tree, yep, that’s the one.  “The pee pee tree.”

It’s gonna be one healthy tree after these boys.