…you learn to crawl at 5 months old to survive the older brothers wrestling around you and get out-of-the-way.

…your 6 month well visit is at 7 months.  Which is better than your 2 month well visit when you were 4 months old.  And  mom still protests having to take you at all.

…you get nicknamed by your older brother.  The 2-year-old.  He calls you “Ads”.

…your first food was warmed, pastured egg yolk.  With no cameras to document, no preparation, no family gathered round.  Just sitting on moms hip while she ate her breakfast at the kitchen sink and decided to give you a bite.  (you loved it).

…you are happy when people include you.  It’s all you really want.

…you never hit the floor at extended family functions.

…you are found sitting up, playing in the corner.  No one knew you could sit up.  Good job buddy!

…your last bath was…uh…hmmm.

…you nurse on mommy most often when she’s walking around the house or cooking a meal.  A nursery chair is just for chewing on.  To get a meal you gotta hold on tight!

….you connect quickly with everyone, grabbing eye contact and locking in with a smile.

…mommy has no clue how much “food” you’ve eaten off the floor.  And this doesn’t bother her.  Much.

…you growl at the baby gate up in your room until someone comes to talk with you.  The gate doesn’t go up often.  It took 4 boys to get a growler.

…you can climb up things, but you can’t get down from up on your knees.  You have been stuck for quite some time before anyone noticed.  It was the growl that gave you away.

…you are considered safe if any of the children under age 5 confirm you are not on the stairs.

…you play with little legos all the time.

…you are kissed, hugged, cooed at, smiled to and coddled at every walk-by, by every body.

…your crib is filled to the edges with stuffed animals and blankets because every brother just has to make you “comfortable”.

…and you are most comfortable smack dab in the middle of chaos.