Aman! Over here! Check it!

So you turn a whopping 34 years old on Monday. I thought it was 33 this year because I had your birthday month buddy,Thom, down as 33. But, nope. Been 33 all year. It’s 34s turn.

A little happy happy is coming your way in the mail; just shipped off today! The post guy didn’t think it was at all odd that I asked for my package back to take a pic. Not. At. All.

Can you guess what’s inside? 2 hints. The triangular shape, accented by the arrows, is relevant. And, I’m sending you a party!

I smiled making this for you (another hint!), wrapping it up and sending it on it’s way…sure do wish I was attached with it–celebrating you face to face would just be the best!

But here ya go, making the miles between us a little shorter and the anticipation of a triangular party package hopefully a little more fun!

Love you!

{I will share what the triangle holds once it’s in birthday girls hands. Speaking of, I’ll need her to take a pic for me too :)}