Ah, yes, the word is OUT!  Baby Truett Stephen Bruner arrived early December 26th, perfect and precious, all 7 lbs 9 oz of him.

This is the sweetest time of life to walk with friends–experiencing the joy of meeting our children.  These last couple weeks with Sarah have been especially sweet to walk.  I’ve prayed and cried with my friend as she anticipated holding her son.  And then to rejoice as he arrived, it just doesn’t get better.  God’s goodness, almost tangible as new life enters.

It’s such a beautiful story of how Truett came that night.  It was a joy to be by her side as she labored.  And she’ll have to share all the details, it’s her story.

But one.  I have to share one…

Turns out my dear friend gets uber goofy, funny and borderline dorky during pain–looking around the room and starting sentences with “I do declare” this pain is bad.  Or “I do declare” I need some ice.

She rocked labor.

And she rocked labor phrases.  Many of which she’ll be reminded of…THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Love you P, so thankful to live life with you!  And oh sweet Truett, you are a gift!