Ollie Bollie (once again) was caught red-handed.  This time, digging into some cake with chocolate frosting.  Thom and I thought it was too quiet downstairs.  Mystery solved.

And then, while he was frozen waiting to hear if he was in trouble, he toots. And starts laughing while saying, “My’s so funny. My’s burped in my bottom!”. Best. Line. Ever.

He got his own piece of cake for his two-year old AWESOMENESS. Man, Ollie is awesome.

Well, they all got cake for lunch. Truth be told it was coconut flour cake, packed with eggs and sweetened with raw honey. Very little raw honey. Then the frosting was yummy butter, raw cacao powder and a little more honey. All in all, a treat for them and not a bad lunch from mom’s perspective. Every once in a while.