Bye bye diapers, hello underwear?  Ollie, are you excited?  Want to be a big boy?  Want to go on the potty like Tee and Catcher?  Look, it’s Super Spiderman on your booty!  Don’t poop on Super Spiderman!

To which Ollie responds, working his hardest to ignore you and be immersed in something uber important like tower building, “I’m not five yet”.

Whoa whoa WHOA.

Listen 2 and a half year old, I’m not looking to wipe man crap off your booty for the next 2 and a half years.  The potty is your friend.  Your friend and my friend.  You can do it!

Reluctantly, he let me put him on the toilet to finish up some of that man crap.  Sitting.  Whining.  Freaking.  Pouting.  And ready for his diaper.  And I see he’s just not ready yet.  Tee and Catcher were quick and easy to train…I trust Ollie’s time is coming soon.

Just not today.

I think he’s so stinkin’ cute sitting on that toilet.  And even cuter if his man crap was being flushed down…


A big shout out to his buds who are potty training today, albeit (rumor tells me) watering more of the hallway, grass and living room rug than the toilet.

You can do it!

Wait, that was for your mom.

B&R, run to the potty!  That feeling is pee, put it in the potty! Yall can do it!