I’d like to report that I missed it.

The potty training window where Ollie would take me seriously for a second.  I was serious.  And he didn’t buy it.

That boy.  Way too old for two and a half.

So much so that whenever I started talking up potty training, he’d get this grin and twist my words around, then adds a “cackle cackle” to the end of each sentence, completely mocking me.

me: “Ollie, where does pee pee go?”

Ollie: “Pee pee cackle cackle”


me: “Do you know when your pee pee is coming?”

Ollie: “That’s not a word.”


me: “Do you know what pee pee feels like?”

Ollie: “No.  Show me.”


Thom: “Big boys wear underwear!”

Ollie: “Big boys wear cackle!”

or the best conversation I’ve ever had:

me to the family dinner table: “If you’re in the house, where does pee pee go?”

Tee and Catch: “In the potty!!”

Ollie (trailing and echoing): “In the potty!”

me: “If you’re outside, where does pee pee go?”

Catcher: “On a tree!”

Tee: “or a bush!

Catcher: “yeah, a bush!”

Tee: “or something else green and alive!”

me: “if you’re inside, where does poo go?”

boys: “In the potty!”

me: “If you’re outside, where does poo go?”

Tee and Catcher: “NOWHERE!”

Tee: “Poo is only inside, on the potty or not at all.”

long pause…my questions are done.  They’ve passed the test.

Ollie (still cheering on the Qs): Where does diarrhea go?!?!”

I’m too tired to edit pics…all 138 of them from today only.  He’s in undies tonight.  No going back.  I’m committed.  Almost as committed as Ollie is to his cackle.

Nighty cackle cackle!