I’m doing what today? No thanks.

day 1 start of day, say what

Tee and Catch step in to show Ollie the ropes.

day 1 show and tell

So does daddy.

day 1 daddy help

“it’s not coming out”

day 1 I pee on that?

He gets worn out early day one.

day 1 super tired

And does a ton of drinking for so little peeing in the potty.

day 1 did a lot of this

But oh that tushy is cute!

day 1 booty

And pulling up that underwear a feat!

day 1 I can do it

Catcher was so sweet with his instructions.

day 1 catchy encourages

But Ollie only thought the potty was a seat.

day 1 cartoons

Catch and Tee had some afternoon art while Ollie and Attie napped.

day 1 arts and crafts

Attie has been a smiley ball of preciousness.

sweet little

And Ollie a complete ham. Cackle.

day 1 effort

Here we are day 2, rocking awesome hair.

day 2day 2

And resting after taking a huge crap on the floor.

day 2

But then, the sun began to glimmer. Hope began to breath. Doves began to call.

day 2 success!

And after watching Tee water a bush.

day 2 proud

I caught the best moment of the last 48 hours. It was GLORIOUS.

day 2 he did it!

Goodnight day 2, you kicked my butt all the way to the end. But undies we are in and in undies we’ll stay. Tomorrow, let’s poop in the potty. Ready, set, GO OLLIE!