day one of swim lessons

It’s a fresh little crew starting out their 2012 swim lessons. The goggle clad Tee and Catch are somewhat self-sustained in the pool (they won’t sink like a rock). And those toddlers, Olivia, Reese, Brooks and Ollie, well, they will fearlessly and eagerly…sink like a rock.

We have a wonderful swim instructor and a beautiful setting to teach our Florida babies how to enjoy the water! We are hopeful for kicking legs, blowing bubbles and floating in about a week.

day one of swim lessons

day one of swim lessonsday one of swim lessonsday one of swim lessonsday one of swim lessonsday one of swim lessons

We did learn this today: take more pictures because the chaos of cuteness doesn’t stop. Must be captured. Furthermore, they all get really hungry. More food needed. Lots more food.

Attie and Truett were there. They are dragged all over the place and are super troopers. They should be in some of these pics with their hands raised as “PRESENT, I didn’t have a choice but present!”.

There is never enough time for all the turns on the big tree swing. Start earlier with the turns.

And last but not least, that grunt thing Ollie does towards me when he’s being a pill, yep, he’ll do it at his (patient) swim instructor too. Just drawing out the sin patterns…one swim lesson at a time.

On to day 2!