I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. 1 Samuel 1:27

4 children.  Boys.  All of them, boys.  With the love of my life, my dream guy, Thom.  And we’re not done yet.  No way.

Their names are Tee, Catcher, Oliver and Atticus.  They range from 18-21 months apart and the oldest is 5 years old.  They are my joy and laughter.  They’re that cheek cramp dimple thing you get from smiling too much.   A couple of them were born at home because the first couple were born in a hospital.  Well, if the ER parking lot counts as a hospital.  It just makes sense for us to stay home.

Often the littlest boy is strapped on my back in a colorful wrap, sharing in the view up here.  Snapping pictures.  Painting on canvas.  Drawing in sketchbooks.  In the kitchen. Break dancing.  At the park.  Cleaning up little legos.  Wiping a booty.  Writing in this space.

I want them to see the view of garden one day soon.  Our garden.

I’m told every single day, by complete strangers, that I have my hands full.  I quickly respond that my hands are full of blessings.  And I believe this with all my heart.  They typically then ask where the red headed children came from and what my milk man looks like and that’s when we say bye-bye and move on.  It’s ridiculous how often this conversation happens.  Ridiculous.

I’m the sort of mom that believes in cod liver oil (fermented), good bacteria and eating food that will either spoil or sprout if not consumed in a timely manner.  I look across a growing table at my Thom and pray to nourish my boys to grow not only in strength of body, but strength of heart for the Lord like their daddy.  It matters what grows them.  It matters to us.

We’re getting our feet wet with homeschooling.  And at the beach.  We live in Orlando, Florida.  It’s hot here and the beach is a necessity.  A blessed necessity.

I want to be content serving the Lord in this moment.  You’ll see how often I fail at this.  And I hope you also see the Lord’s gentle, working hand in the light of my failures.  The joy produced.  Much of it will be in these pages.

My name is Jen, hi!

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